RACE FOR THE WHITE HOUSE was created by Robert S. Baker. The current edition is
based on Baker’s latest analysis of current United States demographics and voting patterns.

A Message from Robert S. Baker:

When people ask me what inspired me to develop this game, I answer it three ways:

First, I am been an avid board game player all my life. I know what makes a game good and I know what makes a game lousy. I took the best attributes of every great game I’ve ever played, and tried to minimize the negative. Since I created the first Race for the White House prototype in 1992, I have received enormous amounts of feedback from game players. The success of the current 2004 version is much owed to all those who have played and written me with suggestions.

Second, the “Board Games Bring Families Together” slogan that I use is something I developed because I really believe that Americans need more recreational time together—less time in front of electronic screens, whether that screen be computer,  video game, or TV. Thus, my goal is to create board games that are really good—intellectually challenging enough to hold the excited interest of an educated adult, while easy enough for a teenager to quickly learn how to play.

Third, my brother, David (the best board game player I know), continued to encourage me to take my game concepts and publish them so that more than just friends and family could enjoy them. Dave is my chief creative consultant, and without him Race for the White House would not be the great game it has become today.

I hope you enjoy the 2004 edition of Race for the White House. I welcome your feedback and especially your feelings on how well it meets my 4 Point Test of What Makes a Great Board Game:

 I.Intellectually Challenging
 II.Easy to Learn and Play
 III. Skill-based, but Luck Plays a Role
 IV.Becomes More and More Interesting as the Game Progresses

So, enjoy playing Race for the White House. And please don’t keep those suggestions to yourself.



Robert S. Baker